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AMR (Automatic Meter -
 Reading) Systems
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AMR (Automatic Meter - Reading) System

Detailed Product Description

JQAMR-Z automatic meter reading system is a host driven, multi-level network system with strong flexibility and expandability, consisting of a host computer station. The system employs GPRS, telephone and low voltage power line carrier wave to transmit data. The host computer in the meter reading center can make business management and billing management to the data that is sent back, as well as make calculation, storage and analysis. Meanwhile, it can also alarm to the abnormal conditions and monitor the electric meter by real-time to make sure reasonable and reliable power supply and power usage.

System's working methods:
1) For the single and three-phase carrier wave electric meters installed in the 
    residential area, it can transmit the data to the concentrator by power line carrier 
2) For the electric meter with RS485 interface, it can transmit the data to the 
    concentrator by 485 main line
3) For the multi-functional electric meters with RS485 interface installed in the big 
    users and the transformer substation, it can transmit the data to the concentrator 
    by means of 485 main line. For the multi-functional electric meters with built-in GPRS 
    meter reading modules, it can transmit the data to the meter reading center directly 
    by mobile communications corporation network
4) The concentrator can transmit the data to the meter reading center by GPRS, GSM 
    or phone network

Terminal devices and main functions:
1) Concentrator: can collect, store and pretreat the data of the electric meters, and 
    also send the data to the meter reading center. Meanwhile, it can also return the 
    control commands sent by the meter reading center to the electric meters to control 
    the electric meters
2) Infrared meter-reading device: can program to the meter and the concentrator, and 
    can also read spot data of the electric meter and the concentrator
3) Electric meter: 
    a) Single / three-phase carrier wave electric meter
    b) Single / three-phase multi-tariff carrier wave electric meter
    c) Single / three-phase multi-tariff IC card carrier wave electric meter
    d) Single / three-phase multi-function electric meter
    e) Three-phase split phase energy electric meter
    f) Three-phase net electric meter

Main functions of the system software:
1) Supports data transmitting channels, including phone (GSM data transmitting), 
    GPRS and direct connection
2) Monitors meter's status by real time, freezes meter reading data, reads meter at 
    zero and reads meter by real time
3) Connects and disconnects operations controlled by remote relay
4) Loads monitor and abnormal energy alarming
5) Sets the automatic meter reading period and the system time collate of the 
6) Supports the data inquiries, line loss calculation and abnormal line loss 
    management functions entirely
7) Provides flexible management functions of the report forms such as stat., inquire, 
    print and make report forms
8) The system software supports the archives' management functions entirely
9) The system software supports many databases such as ACCESS, SQL SERVER
10) Provides the public database interface to calculate the electricity charges, obtain 
      the power management data or/and connect with the charging system of the bank

AMR (Automatic Meter - Reading) System


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