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Three Phase Electric Energy Meter

Detailed Product Description

Technical parameters and main functions:
1) Standard: IEC61036:2000, IEC61268:1995
2) Accuracy: active Class 1.0, reactive Class 2.0
3) Rated frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
4) Rated voltage: 3 x 220/380V, 3 x 230/400V, 3 x 240/415V, 3 x 57.7/100V, 3 x 100V, 
    3 x 380V
5) Current: 3 x 1.5(6)A, 3 x 10(40)A, 3 x 10(60)A, 3 x 15(60)A, 3 x 20(80)A, 3 x 30(100)
6) Power loss: < 5VA/phase
7) Starting current: <0.003ib
8) Working scope of voltage: 
    a) LCD type: 30%Un
    b) Step-motor register: 50%Un
9) Output optical pulse with 80ms to automatically manage and read remote meter
10) All data can be stored 10 years
11) Type:
      a) Active meter (accumulative measuring energy by forward / reverse direction)
      b) Reactive meter (accumulative measuring energy by forward / reverse direction)
      c) Integrative meter of active and reactive (measuring active and reactive energy 
      d) Carrier wave meter (communication by carrier wave)
12) Display: step-motor register or LCD display
13) IR port or RS 485 port for reading and programming:
      a) Can add RS485 and infrared port according to customers' requests 
      b) Communication protocol is in accordance with DL/T645-1997
14) Even though one phase or two phase current is connected oppositely, it still can 
      work well
15) It still can work well if 3 phase 3 wires cut one phase or 3 phase 4 wires cut two 
      wires, which both are not effected by cutting nil wire

Three Phase Electric Energy Meter

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