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Single Phase Multi-Function Electric Energy Meter

Detailed Product Description

Technical parameters:
1) Rated voltage: 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
2) Rated current (A): 1.5 (6), 5 (30), 10 (60), 20 (80), 20 (100)
3) Accuracy: active Class 1.0, Class 2.0
4) Power loss:  1.5W
5) Clock error:  0.5s/D (23 3C)
6) Backup lithium battery working life: >10 years; continuous working time: 3 
7) Working ambient temperature: -20~60C
8) Pulse output optical couple: 
    a) External voltage: 5-24VDC
    b) Load current: 10-20mA
    c) Width of pulse: 80mS
9) Communicating baud rate: default value is 1,200bps, also can be set as 2,400bps, 
    4,800bps and 9,600bps

Main functions:
1) Measures sixteen months' forward / reverse active total, sharp, peak, shoulder     
    and trough energy:
    a) The forward energy is the accumulation of the forward and reverse energy
    b) The reverse energy will also be measured separately
2) Measures sixteen months' forward / reverse active total, sharp, peak, shoulder     
    and trough maximum demand and the occurred time
3) Four tariffs, ten time bands and eight sets of time bands for every day, and ten time 
    zones for every year
4) Week rest day setting function: can choose any day from Monday to Sunday as 
    week rest day
5) Public holiday setting function: can set 200 public holidays
6) The meter reading time for the end of the month can be set as any integral point of 
    date among 1-28
7) Measures real time data: voltage, current, active power and power factor
8) Records latest 64 times starting and ending time of the power off
9) When the energy is reverse, the arrow of the energy (reverse) will flash to alarm
10) Has key-press display and automatic recycle display: the display content and time 
      can be set
11) Has infrared and RS485 interface: the communication protocol conforms to 
12) Records the programming times, latest programming time, times of needing to 
      reset and the latest reset time
13) Has alarming function to the overload of the active power
14) Can record the load curve: the recording time interval can be set

Single Phase Multi-Function Electric Energy Meter

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