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Remote Control Prepaid Single Phase Electric Meter

Detailed Product Description

Main Technical Parameters:

       Accuracy class: 1.0 or 2.0

       Power voltage: AC 220V15%. Frequency: 50Hz

       Basic current(Ib): 2.5A, 5A, 10A, 20A

       Overload times: 4-8 times

       Display: purchased quantity, the balance quantity, accumulative quantity, shortage of the balance quantity, error, open or close, correct inputting, alarm value and load.

       LCD display range: 0.00-9999.99

       The using life of remote control card: 10 000 times.

       The using life of Electromagnetic relay: 5 000 times.

       The data can be saved over 10 years when power off.

Product Character:

       It adopts advanced remote control technology and SMT craft, with advantages of accurate measurement, stable accuracy, safe, reliable, complete function, low power loss and easy operation. The main feature is the remote control card using full block construction, which protect it from water, dust, and mechanical wear of the card block or man-made attack.  

       Using non-contacted infrared remote control card. Its full block construction solves the problem of stealing energy by damaging IC card block.

       Remote control data communication. Human design of displaying by LCD. User can see used energy, balance energy at any time without any operation.

       Remote control card adopts the battery with huge capacity, which can be changed easily. Independent seal design cant be duplicated, which ensures safety using by management department and user.

       No need of locale reading meter, which reduces management cost of property managing company.

       User can use energy only after paid first, which solves problems such as not pay or delay pay or steal energy etc.

       Designation of special protecting circuit to meter data has good feature of electromagnetic capability. After power off, the data have no loss. Under all kinds of bad environment, it can ensure data unchanged and accurate measurement.

       Data of the system, meter and special remote control card uses dynamic encryption. One meter with one card prevents forging and copying, which has high safety. Remote control card has function of transmitting data in bi-direction, which can send data written by computer to the appointed meter and send data of meter to computer at the same time.

       Has alarm function. When the meter is short of energy, it will be power off or make sound alarm to draw the attention of user to charge it. By putting the special remote control card aiming at the meter to communicate one time, it can be renew to supply until the balance energy is used out and power off.

       The meter adapts SMT craft and the case is made of fire-retarded material. It uses long life design and can be used more than 10 years under normal condition.

Remote Control Prepaid Single Phase Electric Meter

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