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Three-Phase Prepaid Energy Meter

Detailed Product Description

Technical parameters and main functions:
1) Type:
    a) General prepaid meter:Contacted IC card prepaid meter
    b) Prepaid and power line carrier wave meter
2) International standard of general prepaid meter: IEC 61036, IEC62052-11,  IEC62053-21
3) Accuracy: Class 1.0, Class 2.0
4) Rated voltage:  220 / 380V, 230 / 400V, 240 / 415V, 100V, 120V
5) Rated current (A): 1.5 (6), 10 (40), 15 (60), 20 (80), 30 (100)
6) Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
7) Starting current: 0.004ib
8) Display: Contacted IC card meter with LED display
9) Prepayment functions to ensure energy payment: buy electricity first and then use
    it. One card for one meter and the cards can be provided when lost
10) Alarm function: reminds users to buy more energy
11) Overdraft prevention: users' over-load energy is limited
12) Information record: the energy bought and used will be recorded
13) Load control
14) Carrier wave prepayment meter can purchase energy by two methods of carrier
      wave and IC card
15) Meter reading by carrier wave
16) Controls opening and closing for relay by carrier wave remotely

Three-Phase Prepaid Energy Meter

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