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Single Phase Electric Energy Meter

Detailed Product Description

Technical parameters and main functions:
1) Type: DDS580
2) Standard: IEC61036:2000, IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21
3) Accuracy: Class 1.0, Class 2.0
4) Rated frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
5) Rated voltage: 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
6) Current (A): 1.5 (6), 5 (20), 5 (30), 10 (40), 10 (60)

7) Starting current: 0.4%ib
8) Display:LCD display
9) Smooth error curve and high accuracy
10) High sensitivity
11) No running with logical design
12) Low power consumption
13) High overload tolerance (4-6 times)
14) With routine inspection and pulse output functions
15) No mechanical friction, good anti-interference ability
16) Have existing infrared port and can add RS485 according to customers' requests
17) Functions of different types:
      a) Common type: records positive and negative accumulative energy, and
          prevents tampering by opposite connections
      b) Tampering proof type: records positive and negative accumulative energy, and
          realizes tamper proof function by methods of reversing, crossing wire and
          connecting one fire wire with one earth wire

Single Phase Electric Energy Meter

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