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Prepaid Gas Meter

Detailed Product Description

1) Al-alloy case: G1.6, G2.5
2) Standard: OIML R31:1995, CJ/T112-2000
3) Accuracy: Class B
4) Applicable gas: artificial coal gas, natural gas, petroleum gas, marsh gas
5) Five independent patent techniques
6) Data exchange adopts infrared photoelectric non-contact technique, which protects 
    against dampness, artificial damage and mechanical strain
7) Prepaid function: pays for the gas before using
8) Alarm function: reminds users to buy gas in time
9) Cuts off gas function
10) Accumulates dosage function
11) Passed Exib ll BT4 anti-explosion test, safe and reliable
12) Double display: LCD and digital drum
13) Double-directional self-lock electric machinery control valve
14) Supplies power with perfect lithium and alkaline battery, and the battery can be 
15) Low power loss MPU modularizing and entire airproof PWB design with good 
      moisture proof characters
16) The case is coated with powder by hot curing, and has strong anticorrosion
17) The gear transmits steadily, which makes the meter has good coherence of re-
18) The output of the lateral axis adopts redundant sealing method to make sure no 
      gas leakage during transportation
19) All axis components adopting stainless steel to make sure good anticorrosion
20) All plastic pieces adopting high quality engineering plastic
21) Optimized flowing channel design to make sure low pressure loss

Prepaid Gas Meter


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