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Remote Control Prepaid IC Card Gas Meter

Detailed Product Description


Main Technical Parameters:

      Working voltage: the battery beside meter is alkaline with DC 6V, which is 4 of 1.5V. The battery in remote control device is CR2450 3V.

      The using life of meters battery: 10 months. The using life of remote control devices battery: 5 years.

      Statistic current: 20UA

      Valid remote control distance is 5m and remote control angle is 120-150.

      Ambient temperature: -10-50. Relative humidity: 95%

      Electric display range: 0.00-9999.99

      Measuring class: B

      Total pressure loss: 250Pa

      Main product type: G1.6, G2.5 and G4.

Product Character:

      Using infrared communication data transmitting technology, which solves the shortcomings of IC cards inserting on high position for charging.

      Communication data adapts the highest encrypting calculation to ensure data safety.

      User should pay firstly and then use gas, which reduces management cost for locale reading meter and solves problems that users do not pay or delay to pay.

      Application of the newest technology, material and craft ensures products stability and reliability. And the perfect function ensures interests of Gas Company and users.

       Perfect computer management system improves the scientificity and modernization for the Gas Companys management.

      Passed Exib II BT 4 explosion prevention test with certificate No. CNEx04.811.

      Outstanding human design ensures products complete, miniaturization and accuracy.


       It should be in installed in house. If used outside, it should be prevented from rain and sunshine. Do not install in corrosive air. Should be vertical installation and the direction of air should be consistent with the arrow.

      After installation, the meter is in the status of closing valve. The new meter should be opened account and purchased gas firstly at the specified spot. The valve will be opened to supply gas after inputting valid gas quantity in user card.

      Put user remote control card with purchased gas quantity to aim at infrared communication window of meter and then press key of Gas Meter for about 5 seconds. Then, red indication light on meter will be on and LCD will display the balance gas quantity at the same time. Press key of Send by aiming at meter and then red indication light flashes, which means the purchased gas quantity has been input to meter. LCD of meter will display correct inputting and then display in turn purchased quantity, accumulative used quantity and the balance quantity, and the valve will be opened to supply gas. User card should be kept well and be used next time.

       If communication is abnormal, please check the battery of meter or remote control card, and change it on time.

Remote Control Prepaid IC Card Gas Meter

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