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Pulse transmitting gas meter

Detailed Product Description

1.Technical parameters of Base meter:

1)Accuracy: class B

2)Max. flow rate: G1.6: 2.5 m3/h; G2.5: 4.0 m3/h

3)Min. flow rate: G1.6: 0.016 m3/h; G2.5: 0.025 m3/h

4)Max. pressure: 20KPa

5)Working pressure: 0.5~5KPa

6)Pressure loss:200Pa

7)Max cumulative indication volume: 9999.99m3

8)Fitting joint threading: M302mm

9)Working ambition temperature: -10~40oC

2. Technical parameters of Output pulse:

Type A : Magnetism Switch

When the meter is static, output signal should be open or close.

Max. input voltage:  24V

Max. current of open and close:  0.1A

Occupying rate of signal during operation: 1:5

Type B:  Pulse

Output waveform: Positive pole square waveform

Pulse width:  100ms 20%

Working pressure: +5V20%

Working Current:  5 mA

Pulse Constant: 200imp/m³

Pulse transmitting gas meter

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