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Prepaid Water Meter

Detailed Product Description

1) Standard: ISO4064 and CJ/T133-2001
2) Accuracy class: Class A and B
3) DN: DN15, DN20 and DN25
4) Permitted temperature:
    a) Cold water meter: 50C
    b) Hot water meter: 90C
5) Nominal pressure: 1Mpa 
6) Power voltage: 3.6V15%
7) Using life for IC card: 100,000 times
8) When using life for valve is more than 1000, the leak out quantity accords with the 

1) Prepayment function: purchase water first and then use it
2) Alarming function: when the balance of water quantity reaches to a certain value, it 
    will alarm to indicate user to purchase water on time
3) Controlling function: when the balance of water quantity is zero, it will close valve 
4) Repairing card function: when user needs to repair card, meter reading card can 
    read all information inside card in order to repair card

1) Infrared non-contacted intelligent IC card of patent technology, data transferred by 
    infrared to realize waterproof and moisture proof, and non-contacted 
    communication to prevent man-made destroying or mechanical damage
2) Power is lithium battery, which adopts micro power loss design and the using life is 
    more than 8 years and it can be changed
3) Anti-disturb design: it will be closed valve automatically to prevent man-made 
    destroying when meeting disturb or power is off
4) The circuit for the whole meter is pour sealing design to realize dustproof, moisture 
    proof and waterproof
5) Valve and meter is integrated: wet meter movement to make measurement more 
    accurately. It is of electric ball valve, low pressure loss, full close electro machine, 
    special designed gear wheel and large valve torque
6) Displayed by digital drum and LCD, which adopts technology of prevent dithering
7) Perfect system software for operation management to realize one card managing of 
    electricity, gas and water

Prepaid Water Meter

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