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Environmental Protection Plastic Water Meter

Detailed Product Description

1.This meter is mainly used to measure the total quantity of water flowing through the water pipe and suitable for household or small industry corporation. It is not applicable for hot water and corrosive liquid.

This kind of meter adopts integer-impeller and impeller box once injection molding technology. The register device adopts drum and arrow combination (E type) for clear reading, convenience, accurate metering and long life. It is the ideal water-metering device.

a. This meter is the newest generation water meter developed by our company. It adopts imported engineering plastics and has low cost and high performance price ratio. The case is hygienic and innocuous. It is the excellent substituent of the water meter with cast iron case and cast copper case.

b. The whole set of product goes through high performance improvement for the compound antioxidant and for the climate-resistant of the optical stability. It can be used under the outdoor atrocious climate condition for long time.

c. It has good anticorrosion and antifouling performance and has long life. It can get rid of the stopping and spot in the channel and wont influence the water quality after using long time.

d. Easy to install, has common screw thread, direct welding take-over and adhibit type to choose.

2. Technical parameters

2.1 Application condition

2.1.1 Mechanical measurement and other function requirements accord with ISO 4064 National standard for cold water meter (Class B).

2.1.2 Temperature: cold water meter 0~40, nominal pressure1.0Mpa, pressure loss 0.1MPa

2.1.3 Register error

  a. The error in low region from min flow(inclusive) to transition flow(exclusive)ܡ5.

  b. The error in high region from transitional flow(inclusive) to over load flow (inclusive) ܡ2

3.Packing information:

DN       Carton measurement(cm2)   pcs/carton  kg/carton (including plastic connector and nut) 

DN15     86.542.526                    40                         24.5

DN20     844226                          32                          20

Environmental Protection Plastic Water Meter

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