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IC card remote control water meter

Detailed Product Description


Jinque IC card remote control water meter replaces the common IC card water meter, which is accurate meter used by uptowns, bathing centers and enterprises etc. It accords with stand of IC card cold water meter of CJ/T133-2001. As most water meters are installed on places difficult to reach, this environment determines the design of intelligent remote control IC card water meter. The meter adapts remote device as CPU remote card, which combines automatic control technology, IC card safety technology and micro-wave communication technology to realize intelligent and information prepayment of city water supplying. It aims to replace traditional product and improve efficiency of water managing and reduce the cost.

Remote device and remote IC card water meter can communicate normally within 4 meters. It can be used to measure, calculate and control water usage. And it can also be an one-card meter measurement system combined with our IC card remote control gas meter, electric meter and heat meter. With the support of management software, it can easily realize prepayment calculation of water, electricity, gas and heat, which is a special meter of water supplying information automatization.

Through computer, the operating status of meter can be displayed under water selling management system software, which can realize valid monitor. The product has new and complete construction and is all sealed without exposured pole, which is water proof and dust proof. It is of high sensitivity, stable and reliable features, low power loss and high ability of anti-interference.

Technical parameters:

1. Accuracy: Class B

2. Power voltage: 3.6V+/-15%

3. Static working current: less than 2uA (standard is 30uA)

4. Display contents: Jinque brand, purchased energy, the balance energy, the accumulated energy, change battery, short of balance energy, error operation, open or close valve.

5. The using life of battery: more than 6 years

6. Display range of LCD: 00000.0-99999.9

7. The using life of electric controlling valve: more than 1000 times, the leakage quantity meets the requirement.

8. Working temperature: +0.3C--- +40C; Storing temperature: -20C--- +60C; Humidity: less than 93%

9. Working pressure: less than 1Mpa; pressure loss: less than 0.1Mpa

10. Error of indication:

The maximum permitted error from Qmin(include) to Qt(exclude): less than +/- 5%

The maximum permitted error including from Qt(include) to Qs(include): less than +/- 2%

11. IC card water meter is all sealed without exposured pole, which is water proof and dust proof and has ability of anti- interference.

12. Double pulse measurement

13. Reliable communication within 4 meters

IC card remote control water meter


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